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Design review software

Reduce 1 week of phones, emails and excel sheets to 60 minutes of visual review

World is your canvas 1:54

Blend your 3D objects indoors & outdoors with the real camera view in Augmented Reality.

Immerse in VR 2:08

Give your viewers the immense feeling of real scale and presence in Virtual Reality.

Awe in VR Dome 0:33

Invite your viewers to the spherical space with your presentation wrapped around the dome interior wall.

Free 14 day trial. Download today. Cancel anytime.

It was never so easy

Powerful yet simple technology behind your successful presentation

Desktop creator

Import your own models (FBX, OBJ, DAE, 3DS) or use attached catalogue of over 1000 items.

Cloud storage

Upload projects to the cloud and share it with your team, clients and the world.

Viewer apps

Prototype on desktops, mobile devices and VR/AR.

Key Features

Functional across multiple industries

Geolocated lighting

Buildings and objects cast shadows based on the real sun position.

Issue tracking

Leave annotations, sketch drawings and make screenshots.

Walk around

Walk around the objects and inspect them from every angle.

Real scale

No matter if it’s a new wardrobe or wind turbine. Feel it’s real size.

Real-time editing

Change lighting, texturing and object attributes on the fly.

Public & Private scenes

Work on selected devices or share with public link.


In development

Join session in one space with even 60+ users.

3d model repositories

In development

One click access to libraries such as Google Poly and Sketchfab for models.


In development

Group and toggle objects on and off based on the layer they’re on.

Free 14 day trial. Download today. Cancel anytime.

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Virtualist Beta


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Create scenes on PC & Mac
1GB of cloud
HTC Vive & Oculus Rift support (PC)
Free updates
Test dev features
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Free 14 day trial. Cancel anytime. No credit card required.

Rewarding early birds. Price will rise by €5 next month

What comes after Beta

Keep the beta price for 6 months

We will start charging higher subscription fees based on the disk usage and access to specific features. As beta user You will keep your price 6 months after beta signup.

Keep your data

Even if You will exceed the disk quota after beta we won't delete anything for 30 days and You will have to option to upgrade. Beta users will keep their data 6 months after beta signup.

Keep the support

We will try to stay personal with all of You but with the growing number of users we will have to prioritize. Beta users will keep their level of support 6 months after beta signup.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Beta mean?

The development stage is not over. Beta users report bugs back to us and we fix them. Level of our support is much closer and direct than you may feel at most businesses.

Who is the paid user?

Paid user can create scenes and import 3d object into it using ‘Owner’ role. Clients and team members with the permission to leave notes can be invited as ‘Client’ role users. Passive viewers & general public can use ‘watcher’ role without any permission to change the scene and objects.

Will my device run Virtualist?

For updated hardware requirements click here. Virtual Domes are available to rent and buy at request and supplied with their own hardware.

What’s the easiest way to start?

Join beta and download the desktop app. Play with it. See tutorials. Save scenes in the cloud and share with your clients on their laptops or mobile devices.

What level of support can I expect?

Whole expertise of Pixel Legend award-winning team will be at your disposal.  Bugs, device purchase advice, problem with the file import, hard christmas vr choice – doesn’t matter – we’re here for You.