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Create, edit and share on desktops, mobile tablets, smartphones and advanced VR glasses.

Your PC & Mac

Create & present your projects on Mac & Windows machines.

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Mobile & AR

View and edit on Android and in augmented reality.

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iOS version in development.

Virtual Reality

Work on HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Jump to VR in one click.

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Key features

Import files from your software

You can import 3d models from popular software packages in FBX, OBJ, DAE and 3DS format.

Geolocated data

Persistent positioning in AR and geolocated sunlight.

Issue tracking

Leave annotations, sketch drawings and make screenshots.

Walk around

Walk around the objects and inspect them from every angle.

Real scale

No matter if it’s a new wardrobe or wind turbine. Feel it’s real size.

Real-time editing

Change lighting, texturing and object attributes on the fly.

Public & Private scenes

Share privately with team members or via public link with everyone.


Group, toggle and lock objects on and off based on the layer they’re on.

Material Editor

Import your own textures and create unique materials for your models.

Key features in development

Available for beta users to test


Join an online session in one space with even 100 concurrent users.

Virtualist iOS

Present and collaborate on your projects using Apple mobile tablets and smartphones.

SketchUp plugin

Import your models to Virtualist in the native SKP file format and with one click from SketchUp.

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Next month price will go up by €2 for every new user. All current users keep their old price.

Beta price guarantee

We will keep the beta price for you for your entire subscription period.

Frequently asked questions

When will Beta be over?

We are working hard to release the full commercial version of the app in the second quarter of the 2019 (Q2 2019).

Will my clients have to pay?

If your planning to just show your scenes for users to view – no. If your users are going to collaborate, leave notes, move furniture and objects around – they require separate account that you or them can buy.

What happens after Beta?

We will start charging higher subscription fees based on the disk usage and access to specific features. You will keep your price, your cloud storage and support level until the end of your subscription period. 

Will my device run Virtualist?

Virtualist requires modern hardware to run. Check the device requirements in our knowledge base to start.

What if I won’t renew my subscription?

If you won’t continue your subscription it will expire and your scenes won’t be available to You or anyone else who You’ve shared it with. It will be stored for 3 months just in case You decide to renew it later.

Can I upload my company logo?

If you require to show the rebranded app on devices it’s a subject of the white-label license. Separate instance of the app can be requested as the a part of the enterprise license. Ask our team for details.