1 month of creative workshops


For a month, we develop an innovative project concept using the Design Thinking methodology used by the best companies and institutions (Stanford, MIT, Google, Harvard).

The result is:

  • Product function register described from the user’s point of view (user stories) ready for evaluation and implementation by the production team
  • List of technologies selected for the project along with the estimated costs of purchasing the equipment
  • Sketches showing the content of the project and the course of the action
  • Models (wireframes) illustrating user interaction with software and content
Who is Jan
  • Founder and CEO of Pixel Legend.
  • He has raised and invested over €1 million in augmented and virtual reality technologies from innovative grants and private investors.
  • Present on the market since 2003 he ran 3 companies and led agile tech teams of up to 30 artists and developers delivering products to brands such as IBM, DHL, Boston Globe, Skanska.
  • Among 3.4% top European innovative entrepreneurs admitted into EIC Accelerator in 2014.
  • Featured exhibitor at TNW Conference, Websummit, MIT Hubweek and AR/VR Innovate Dublin.
  • Graduate of Creatifi Helsinki Accelerator, regional winner of the Galileo Masters competition in Berlin and a member of the Global Entrepreneurship Programme in UK.
  • Mentor at Techstars and Samsung.
  • Featured with his projects by Forbes, Business Insider and The Next Web.
  • AR/VR Lecturer at academies of arts, universities and schools