Press Kit

Emb3d - our product for architects and aec companies

Emb3d is a set of powerful AEC visualisation tools that allows to visualise and review CAD projects in VR, AR and in spherical domes. Designers can import their CAD files to the cloud platform and collaborate with their clients, team members and project stakeholders in the immersive environment while easily making changes.



Pastguide - time machine app for tourist sites

Pastguide is the award-winning app that works on Cardboard VR android devices and stationary VR ( HTC, Oculus Rift) and allows tourist sites, museums and guides to create and deploy immersive indoor and outdoor VR tours. Businesses can reward tourists who complete tours with discounts.

For example local museum uses the app to create the outdoor tour with several interesting VR points to see and local bar rewards the customers with a special dinner 20% off.



Hyperdome - Fulldome software and content production

We specialize in production of the software as well as content for the spherical projection domes. Our Hyperdome app was used by Boston Globe and MIT and our fulldome 3D content was supporting campaigns for large companies such as DHL Express. 


Pixel Legend 

Digital creative team focusing on Virtual, Augmented Reality and Fulldome content production. First company in Poland awarded with the innovative SME Instrument grant from the EU Comission in 2014. In 2015 the team won Polish edition of the Galileo Masters Competition for their geolocated visualisation in Pastguide project. In 2016 Pixel Legend Sp. z o.o. was established following the angel investment made by the construction entrepreneur Tomasz Stencel.