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Adventure awaits

Stop worrying about your daily schedule and visit incredible places filled with meaningful quests prepared by local storytellers. Filter tours based on your travel preferences. Visit museums, heritage sites and attractions on the way and finish in the preferred gourmet place.

  • Quests created by local storytellers
  • No more chasing stupid, off-context monsters
  • Filter by your travel preferences (on foot, car, time etc.)
  • Earn speciality badges and get awards
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Specialize in ... being YOU

Fancy off-road traveling? Nature wanderlust? History freak? The more quests you will complete the more specialized your character will become. You will receive more fame and experience from such quests and get better rewards.

  • Shape your character class (Ranger, Acrobat, Pilgrim etc.)
  • More experience / better rewards from your specialty quests
  • Level up faster by completing your favourite path
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Socializing pays off

Achieve more together. Travel with your family in the Fellowship mode to get more experience and better / bigger rewards. Sign up your fellowship to local Tribe to unlock local powerful rewards.

  • Fellowship mode for families to play together
  • Sign up your fellowship to local Tribe
  • Better rewards for fellowships
  • Powerful rewards for Tribe loyalty
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What's better to a fulfilled journeyman than a discounted hearty meal at the local restaurant and a warm bed? Or a pint of decent ale? Make your next gourmet visit or night's stay the great finale to your family quest or a testament to your loyal Tribe's patronage.

  • Complete a quest and choose your reward
  • Discounts at local hospitality services (pubs, bars, hotels, campings etc.)
  • Discounted deals at local attractions (museums, sites, parks etc.)
  • Perfect guest/venue fit (attract guests with offer, not monsters)
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New storytelling options

Pastguide delivers unforgettable experiences. Unlock new potential of visited places by employing innovative technologies.

  • Geolocated mobile VR videos
  • Geolocated mobile VR photos
  • Geolocated audioguide
  • Geolocated AR
  • Stationary interactive VR
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Create amazing content

Record 360 videos with your mobile phone, build 3d scenes with Unreal Engine or Unity. Create immersive scenes yourself with our approved assets or hire specialists.

  • 3D assets (Unreal, Unity) marketplace
  • Upload your content easily online
  • Start with simple 360 photos and movies
  • Hire specialists for more impressive results
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