20 innovative companies visit the head of state

 Jan Filipowiak (CEO) with Andrzej Duda - President of the Republic of Poland

Jan Filipowiak (CEO) with Andrzej Duda - President of the Republic of Poland

It's not every day when You receive the invitiation from the head of the state. Mr. President and the Startup Poland foundation invited us as one of the 20 innovative companies to take part in the closed meeting with pitching and discussions. 

It was very interesting to see the President's face when he saw Pastguide for the first time. Especially considering the fact that he was born and is still attached to Kraków. We had the opportunity to invite him to take a virtual tour himself and to reveal a glimpse of our plans for the future of the app.

It's absolutely crucial and imperative to take every chance and show the authorities how important it is to support the innovation sector in our developing country. Since we were the first to receive the SME Instrument innovation grant from the EU Commission we feel pretty much obliged to help spread the word on the subject. Initiatives like this one by the Startup Poland foundation are critical to nurture support in this sector.

Warsaw remains a thrilling and exciting place to visit and proves it to use every time we have the opportunity to land our feet in this amazing place. It has changed from dark grey place filled with communist architecture into a sprawling and energetic skyscraping landscape. Since our time was filled with work and meetings we had little if any chance to discover more but be sure to visit Copernicus Science Center when You have a chance - it will blow you away.