Pixel Legend raises €1m seed round

We're really excited with this one. Our efforts in the field of modern, interactive visualisation for mobile devices, virtual reality headsets and augmented reality interfaces finally brought us here. After the period of self-financing, first SME instrument grant in poland, galileo masters award and few recent months of heavy negotiations with several VCs we can finally let You know that our work on getting beautiful, immersive 3D closer to You will skyrocket forward.

Pixel Legend is working on the new, interactive platform to host, work on and share interactive, immersive projects. The ultimate purpose here is to reduce time and cost currently spent by customers on visualisations done for VR, mobile devices and AR. One of the unique features is the ability to showcase full 3D scenes in real locations indoors and outdoors and the crossplatform nature of the authoring tool that can be used with one account on many types of devices. It can be used in different scenarios such as heritage visualisation, construction site, architect presentation, real estate offer and many others. This round will help speed up the production of the fully automated service but even now first clients are already enjoying the MVP that works on mobile devices and virtual reality headsets.

Seed round was raised with one of our own clients from the construction industry who will put his substantial knowledge along with the money into this deal in the following months. Currently we will focus on development and also sales of the visualisation service that goes along with the emerging product. We will soon announce new exciting features for our VR and mobile viewers too.