Our apps awarded for nurturing social innovation

Over 40 judges from various industries gathered to choose companies that engage socially. Our applications have been appreciated by the jury in the category of social innovation.

Pixel Legend has been awarded for the second time in a row with the Fair Company prize in an annual contest (Plebiscyt Równa Firma) organised by young and motivated employees and students of The Faculty of Economics and Management of the University of Szczecin.

Emb3d, Pastguide and Musee applications are designed to bring new technologies and innovations to professionals (archaeologists, scientists, designers, architects, heritage industry) as well as ordinary bread eaters. They offer simple and intuitive VR and AR solutions that are helping pros in their everyday work and create immersive and hyper-realistic worlds that people can immerse in. "The future is now, applying innovations is not only a must to keep up and deliver but is awesome and fun. This is why we created Emb3d, Pastguide and Musee. We hope You will enjoy using them" said Jan Filipowiak, CEO at Pixel Legend.