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Virtual Reality

Fulldome OS

Hyperdome OS opens up a new dimension in the fulldome experience. From incredible, razor-sharp high resolution videos to one-click access to online content libraries to smart management of your fulldome unit, it’s all pivotal to bringing the incredible experience to your visitors.

Movie Player

Videos. Your way.

Custom playlists

Set up the order of your content your way. Mix. Shuffle, Repeat, Play once.

Automagic Conversion

Convert your 360 movies automatically to fulldome. Now You can play your own recordings.

Up to 8K

Enjoy ultra crisp graphics and smooth playback with the highest resolution offer on the market

Hyperdome comes with preinstalled content library

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“Brilliant. We use it to scale up.”

Adam ŁyczakowskiFreedomes

“Beautiful production, emotions, tears & delight.”

Małgorzata PietruchDW Group Event Agency

“Special thanks to Pixel Legend who took us for a journey into space and galaxies far away.”

Monika WaligoraDHL Express