"Special thanks to Pixel Legend who took us for a journey into space and galaxies far away."

DHLMonika Waligora

Jan Filipowiak

Founder & CEO

Jan graduated sociology & design and started his first business in 2003. He delivered work for Newsweek, Amnesty International, Dell, Mapei, Ford and Mercedes and worked for ad agencies in UK. In 2008 he founded Pixel Legend.

Jan is leading a team that had luck to work for IBM, DHL Express and MIT. Projects were covered by media titles such as Forbes and Business Insider and recognized in first batch of EU SME Instrument distruptive grant, Galileo Masters award from European Space Agency and seed investment of 1M euro in 2016.

Jan is mentoring young startups in projects such as Startup Weekend powered by Techstars and Samsung Labo and leads the Virtual Reality workshops at the local Academy of Art. He's also a proud father.

Dawid Ziętek

Team Leader

David is a certified Agile & Prince manager and blends perfect mixture of software and social skills. He looks after the everyday work of the team and makes sure developers understand the business goals

David is extremely focused on the job but when he goes off he loves travelling and meeting new cultures. He also takes up various volunteer positions to test his organisational skills during events such as the Tall Ships Races. He likes to work with students and children and lectures Unreal Engine at the local Academy of Art.

Tomek Stencel

AEC Advisor & Investor

Tomek is a natural born entrepreneur with nearly 15 years of professional team management. He manages 100+ team in Sweden & Poland and looks after two multimillion construction businesses in both countries (Fonster Garage & Painting Park).

He is an AEC industry insider with focus on new technologies and was one of the early clients who turned to be an angel investor in the company.

Tomek is avid sailor and when not at work he spends his free time on water or at home with his family.

Camilla Pustułka

Educational licensing manager

When it comes to relations with schools, universities and public organisations Camilla's experience is proving essential. Holding the BA in International Relations and MA in managing virtual Environments from the Leon Kozminski Academy she has dedicated her professional life to work with the NGO's and public bodies.

She is managing the local initiatives held by the company, takes care of the educational licensing programmes for our software and helps managing the local environment around the organisation.

Grzegorz Cor

Business Developer

Greg boasts vasts sales & marketing experience in the AEC sector. He graduated Marketing at the Westpommeranian University of Technology and MBA at the Westpommeranian Business School he holds 10 years of professional sales experience.

In Pixel Legend he is responsible for business relations with commercial clients using our software and service packages.

Pawel Sklodowski

Architect in Residence

Paweł is our master architect and main specialist when it comes to adaptation of the urban planning and architecture projects to the Virtualist AR & VR tool. Graduated with the Bachelor degree in Architecture at the Westpommeranian University of Technology he has gained professional knowledge about the digital process and software packages used by the professionals these days.

Paweł along with his partner Ania Gruca is leading the _Space Architects studio where he deals with design of residential and public projects for private investors and institutional clients.

Daniel Sierżański

Lead Sales Executive

Daniel is our Sales guy. After graduating administration he started his own construction business where he learned the value of direct contacts with clients, marketing, asking right questions to create solutions and ensure the sales process is smooth. He has over 10 years of professional experience in customer service.

Daniel is an avid motorcyclist, fan of medieval festivals and a proud father and husband.

Adrian Wiśniewski

Lead Backend Developer

Adrian graduated IT engineering on the Technological University in Szczecin and enjoys over 5 years of professional coding experience specializing in backends for visuals and 3d saas services.

He is the quiet type who gets job done and is responsible for all backend mechanisms and connections between our cloud and app solutions.

Adrian enjoys travelling, time with his family and football which he plays semi professionally.

Mariusz Kozłowski

Unreal Developer

Mariusz is a perfect example that a programmers also have souls. He is extremely focused on the technical tasks at hand but also blends this with unique eye for graphic detail and musical sensitivity.

Gradudate from the IT engineering he is responsible for most VR features in our apps and also the implementation of the interface. He is a true teamplayer.

In his free time he plays rhythm games and participates in Szczecin's Asia Club activities as IT support and graphics designer.

Chris Niedzwiecki

Unreal Developer

Gentle giant nicknamed Gryzly. Chris is our engine wizard with over 7 years of experience with Unreal. His spark of genius made some of our critical features and projects possible and his skill proven essential in delivering work to other giants such as DHL and MIT.

A Maritime Academy graduate in IT studies, he now shares his time between Pixel Legend and his own game and music projects. He teaches students at the local Academy of Art about the Unreal Engine secrets. Oh yes, he also loves pizza.

Wojciech Zawicki

Lead 3D Artist

Wojtek is our lead 3D artist. He works with extreme dedication and eye for detail. When thinking of Wojtek we remember his long hours spent on weekends during the DHL project just to make sure everything's right and delivered.

Graduate from the Maritime Academy IT he blends technical knowledge of 3D modelling with unique approach to character creation and texturing. He is also lecturing students at the local Academy of Arts about 3D model preparation for real time visualisation.

His voice is essential in every project involving 3d models and ... he was the first to bring the cheese cake to the company to celebrate his anniversary with us!

You're next?

Great C++, Unreal Engine, 3D or sales skills?

They have already made progress that most other companies won't reach for another couple of years.

AR / VR InnovateJimmy Healy


HTC Vive Meetup

VR Business Club Berlin

We have made friends with the folks from the VR Business Club in Berlin. You can meet with us in the Immersive Showroom in the Brandenburger Tor Museum.

VR Business Club hosts incredible events there. We've just discussed possible projects with the HTC Vive X. Stay tuned for more.



Hyperdome structure built by Freedomes and equipped with our software went to Cebit to power this year's IBM Cloud presentation.

Photo: IBM CEO Ginni Rometty and General Manager of IBM Germany Matthias Hartmann leaving the fulldome presentation.

Investor meetings


Amsterdam impressed us a lot. We spend 3 days there but really had just one day to take the stroll around the city.

It's trade culture was visible everywhere - both in our conversations with business partners and in the city itself. We tried famous fries, herring rolls and local beer.

Hyperdome for DHL


Another incredible adventure on the outskirts of Warsaw, next door to the airport terminal. This is where DHL Express were opening their new terminal.

DW Group event agency commissioned the creation of the 5 minute long fulldome 3D space presentation that was the key presenation of the event. Freedomes supplied large dome hosting over 400 guests and the technical support was done by the Ves agency.

“Your work was a kind of dream come true. Beautiful production, emotions, tears, delight.”
Małgorzata Pietruch / DW Group event agency

Hyperdome launch


First appearance of the interactive dome happened on the Lastadia Island in Szczecin where we also have our R&D office.

Team went berserk to make sure the installation works perfect and the citizens were given unique chance to design their vision of the future Lastadia inside. It happened in the middle of the largest architecture contest for the new Lastadia urban project.

We've used a lot of technology inside and when it was finished we had to chill out.

MIT Hubweek


We were invited by MIT to showcase our Hyperdome technology developed with the dome producer Freedomes at the Hubweek event taking place in the center of Boston.

Event lined up with our job for Boston Globe who used our fulldome technology to showcase the history of their newspaper in the incredible presentation produced by the Inphantry Agency.

David accompanied the Freedomes team to make sure the software works perfect.

Smart City tour

Level 39 London

Pixel Legend was one of the 4 companies introduced to Eric van der Kleij of the Level 39 smart city accelerator based in Canary Wharf London.

We've made valuable connections in the space of smart city and crypto technology.

London is one of the most vibrant locations when it comes to our AR & VR industry.

Pastguide launch


Our Pastguide app was launched in Kraków in august 2016 with the Historic Museum of Krakow who hosted the conference and media event.

It attracted a lot of media attention and the fact that the app visualised lost architecture on the main town square contributed to nearly 2000 downloads of the beta app build.

Our team bravely withstood all questions and kept focus. When done they went for a scenic walk in search of local tastes and flavours.


Special occasions

Szczecin office

Christmas parties, Birthdays, Work anniversaries, investment rounds, project finales, app release or ... football championships - this all deserves good food and even better alcohol.

And what is more thrilling than having a beer and large pack of crisps in the good company.

Thursday Brunch


IT today is dominated by fitness and gym culture. We promote it in the company with a fridge full of fruits. But sometimes enough is enough and it's usually every thursday 😉

We order pizza or (when on tour) kebabs and defy all modern laws of healthy cuisine. It's beautiful, it's social and it's tasty.

After all You can't be a hero every day. Nobody's perfect 😉

Side photo - Team in Berlin trying the best local kebabs (according to Google).

Cool office locations

Berlin / Szczecin

Our Offices are based in the center of two beautiful cities - Berlin and Szczecin. There's good food, some water and a place to chill out.

Szczecin is hosting the Tall Ships Races - great finale attended by nearly 2 million guests close to our Lastadia Office and Berlin is constantly vibrating with incredible events near our Factory on Rheinsberger Strasse.

It's never boring.

AR/VR Innovate


"Pixel Legend were a massive hit amongst all the attendees at ARVR Innovate - amongst the investors present, amongst their industry/ development peers and amongst all those interested in augmented and virtual reality. The quality of their technological innovations and the expertise of their team truly stood out, marking them as a vibrant company to watch. They have already made progress that most other companies won't reach for another couple of years, so it will be exciting to see just what Pixel Legend achieves tomorrow."

Jimmy Healy - AR/VR Innovate Dublin

Photo - Pixel Legend CEO Jan Filipowiak with Pat Breene, Irish Minister of State for Trade, Employment, Business, EU Digital Single Market and Data Protection

Crypto Capital


Berlin is one of the most thrilling crypto hubs in the world. We've just seen that with our own eyes when we attended the Ethereum conference in the Factory Berlin (our office host).

We're forging partnerships for our crypto project. More details will follow.

Fair Company Award


Fair Company Award is awarded locally to firms that are aware of their impact on the local environment and employment landscape.

We are actively promoting fair employment policy and are big advocates of fair work environment.

Pixel Legend won it third time but this time it was the main prize.

And the Winner is...

Galileo Masters Berlin

Pixel Legend was awarded first regional place in the Galileo Masters sponsored by the European Space Agency and hosted in Berlin.

Our GPS powered architecture visualisation app for mobile and tablets made a true impression on the jurors.

Berlin was welcoming and warm as usual.

Interop London


We've met with friends and partners at one of the largest IT events worldwide - Interop London.

No minute was wasted. When the conference slowed down we traveled to the banks of Thames to present our apps.

London was crowded, buzzing and thrilling as usual.

AR & VR in archeology

France & Morocco

We had the amazing opportunity to try our concepts in the field during the first archeologic trip to Morocco in search for the slavic fortress.

We equipped the scientists with Project Tango tablet and VR camera to document the trip with 360 movies and 3D scans.

This provided us with foundation to continue our work on Virtualist.

Startup Poland with the President


Our team was invited by Startup Poland to showcase our offer in the President's Palace in Warsaw.

Event was full of investors and gave us valuable insight in the state of polish tech community and leaders.

Thanks to Maciek Jankowski for the invitation.

Pixel at the Factory


Big day. Pixel Legend became a member of the Factory Berlin. This provides us with unique opportunities to host our demos and office in the heart of this great city.

We have big plans following our introduction in the Berlin community. This achievement deserved few good beers with our team.

Pastguide at Creatifi


Pixel Legend was invited to the Disseny Hub in Barcelona to present our apps at the finale of the Creatifi Accelerator.

Suffice to say that we've managed to convince the jury about the value of our apps and were awarded funding to continue our development work.

In the free time Jan indulged the pleasures of local seafood that he cooked in the kitchen of our apartment.

Friday Game Party


We sometimes organise game parties. Usually it's the last friday of the month. We play games, VR, eat junk food and drink beers.

...And yes, we've managed to hack The Witcher 3 into Virtual Reality 😉

One of the most promising teams to keep an eye on.

Business InsiderMarta Bellon


Startup Weekend


We're busy like bees but sometimes we help young companies who are just starting their adventure.

Jan is mentoring new startups during Startup Weekend powered by Techstars and helps students who try to validate their business ideas during Samsung Labo event each year.



VR and AR are two technologies that are incredibly powerful when it comes to children and teenagers. It's education potential is unmatched.

That's why we sometimes take time to show teachers how they can use these technologies in their lessons.


Device & software demos

We make sure local Universities and academics are aware of the possibilities opened by AR & VR.

Academic teachers and students are one of the best early adopters of new technologies. Our team updates and sends demos to the community.

Public demos

Kids are the bravest and most open-minded users of AR & VR technology.

We use every occasion to see how they react to our games and apps. You just have to be mindful of their enthusiasm - sometimes they let it all go and run around in headsets.

Side photo - Children's day at the local Technopark Pomerania

VR Lab

Berlin, Szczecin

We host our own demo spaces both in Berlin and in Szczecin. You can book it to use our hardware for your client meeting or attend of the seminars we host there regarding the AR & VR space.

It's always thrilling and refreshing to meet with the everyday users of our technologies or people interested in it's potential. Never stop learning.

Internships programmes

with Universities and Schools

We cooperate with local Universities and technical schools and take carefully selected candidates on internships.

Usually it's either C++ programming, Unreal Engine or 3D artist roles. If You think you're a good fit send us your application.

VR faculty at the Art Academy


We are hosting our own VR workshops at the local Academy of Art in Szczecin. This allows us to source our ideas and technologies in the academic community and grow our base of potential internship candidates.

You can also apply directly for the interships.

Internship candidates?

C++, Unreal Engine, 3D modelling