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Prices & Project quotation

Helpful price tips to quickly find out the estimated cost of your project.

1. Check prices on our products and services

Emb3d VR/AR visualisation platform (presale)

30 days free trial, then $50 / month

Meet and collaborate on of your 3d projects in VR & AR. You upload your own 3D files and create scenes yourself.

Pastguide mobile app

Free beta for hospitality businesses

Partners & guides create paid and free quests. Tourists play quests and receive rewards. Partners & businesses offer rewards (e.g. discounts) and get traffic.

Project documentation

$1.5k - $4k

First step of every successful project. If You will deliver meaningfull, well documented brief the cost will be greatly reduced.

Simple Running Game

$8k - $13.5k

Production time - 1-2 months

Horror game in VR or AR

$66.5k - $130k

Production time - 3-6 months
You can reduce the price by avg. 35-38% by delivering your 3d models.

Shopping 3d objects in VR or AR

$31.5k - $45.5k

Production time - 2-3 months

100m2 interior scene

from $4100

Average architecture space with details & furniture in realistic quality.

1000-10000 m2 outdoor scene

from $11690

Average outdoor space such as castle yard or construction site filled with props from our 3d catalogue of readymade objects and buildings.

Large 40000m2 or bigger outdoor space

from $36500

Exceptionally big scenes such as town squares or districts filled with buildings, props from the catalogue and characters.

Custom human 3d model

from $1750

Custom modelling of the male or female human figure with basic idle, walk and run animation.

Custom monster or animal 3d model

from $2800

Advanced character modelling and rigging. Animations are not included.

Car modelling

from $1400

Modelling of the advanced prop item.

2. Chat with our assistant to instantly quote a job for you

You can reduce the price by avg. 35-38% by delivering your 3d models.

3D movie production

3D modelling of worlds and creation of 360, VR and fulldome movies.

Prices include 3D content creation.

1 minute of static movie

$9.5k - $20k

Still environments, 320 - 640 hours of 3d modelling, 106 - 213 hours of scriptwriting, storyboarding and directing, basic atmospheric effects (fog, snow, rain).
Video example

1 minute of dynamic movie

$20k - $38.5k

Everything from the low detail package plus creation of highly-detailed, dynamic, animated surroundings, characters and objects with additional 320 - 640 hours of 3d artists
Example fulldome video

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