IBM was looking for a creative way to present their security cloud benefits. Freedomes was supplying the dome and turned to us for the VR software to power the presentation. IBM had a 360° movie showcasing their X-Force Command Center which was ideal to present in the Virtual Reality dome. It had to be something spectacular – after all it was CEBIT, one of the largest gathering of software and hardware providers worldwide. IBM was present there for the last 31 years and this fact alone posed enormous pressure on our team to make sure we deliver the best possible results.


Time was in limited supply (as usual 😉 so we came up with our VR Dome player, a dedicated fulldome software to play immersive movies in high resolution, 360° format. It automatically converts from popular screen formats, allows real-time calibration and supports resolution up to 4k. The video file was marked with the option to loop the experience and was screened inside the Security Dome, installed by Freedomes near the entrance to the IBM area.

X-Force Command Center 360° video supplied by IBM





Security cloud dome was present during the CEBIT fair on 12-15th June 2018. It started with high note when IBM CEO and Chairman Ginni Rometty visited the structure and we’ve held our breath to hear the verdict. Suffice to say it went well and the dome was then serving the public during full 3 days.

Domes were supplied by Freedomes.

Virtual Reality Dome Player

Rent or buy you video player license to turn your 360° movies into incredible fulldome VR experience. Domes are available to buy or rent on request.