Video calls and conferences are the simplest way to hold meetings with remote employees. It acts as a reminder that both parties can talk online and allows team members to build virtual relationships. But current email and shared screen technologies are not fulfilling the basic need of teams to stay close and remain connected. As a consequence, coworkers who are geographically separated, cannot easily connect and experience high levels of social distance and struggle to develop effective interactions. So we accepted this challenge and ask ourselves: how can immersive technologies keep a remote team motivated without in-person oversight and create a sense of belonging for them?


Welcome to the revolution of business meetings. Due to Virtualist app workers can immerse themselves in a simulated workspace where they have an opportunity to interact with other colleagues, no matter where they are. This works as simple as 1, 2, 3: you install an application – create your own scene with customised details – invite guests into a VR or AR space. Moreover, Virtualist app can be named as an ideal tool to review and collaborate on architecture and design projects remotely.

Being with your team face-to-face at least once per week makes sure you know what’s going on and where everything is heading, despite the fact that we are able to send emails, short messages or use task management applications every day. So why not to try it in a virtual environment?

€1M production budget


users in one meeting


of design review instead of 7 days of phone calls and emails


Results show that one week of traditional email and phone communication compressed to one hour of remote Q&A. Besides this, we would like to emphasize other advantages of VR and AR meetings according to our customers experience:

  • Reducing travel expenses,
  • Higher degree of interaction,
  • Reducing decision-making time due to virtual project demonstrations;
  • Increasing employee loyalty to the company.

Helps understand client's needs and enables efficient sales.

Lukas GalasinskiProject Lead at Skanska

One hour of design review here is worth one week of phonecalls.

Paul SkłodowskiPartner at _Space Architects