Local Academy of Arts decided to advertise their launch of the new faculties. They were looking for a way to showcase their creative potential and cooperation with the local museums and private sector. Main question was how to differentiate among the rich offer of the Szczecin Long Night of Museums and get people and media focused on their message.


We came up with the idea of creating the 3D reconstruction of the Horse Market square where the main Academy building is located. Our artists took the reference layout and building meshes from the paintings dated 1588 and recreated the look and feel of the place in Unreal Engine. Then it was converted to fulldome format and prepared for playback in the VR Dome located on the square. Guests were entering the dome for 3 minutes, watched the movie and then the next group was invited inside.


visitors / night


In one night over 1000 visitors were in the dome and queues were present all the time. Local media was attracted by the fact that it was a technological novelty and historical reconstruction of the urban space. Academy of Arts and Museum received the attention needed to spread the message about their new faculties. Guests were enthusiastic about the idea and feedback was very positive.

Fulldome 3D animation

Commission production of beautiful 3D animation for your event or presentation. Work with artists who delivered for IBM, Boston Globe and DHL.