Each October in Boston, the HUBweek festival brings together researchers, creators and innovators who can work together to make a real social impact in Boston and the whole world. HUBweek’s experiential arts exhibition represents solutions that could connect art, technology, and science with social impact. The idea to present the history of the Boston Globe in an immersive way during this event seemed pretty challenging for us. Especially, taking into account the fact that this famous Americal daily newspaper was founded in the 19th century and is still working.


Boston Globe decided for the fulldome format. Freedomes provided the geodesic dome and installation of the hardware. Content – incredible movie showcasing over 100 years of the newspaper history in important article sraps was created and supplied by the Inphantry Agency. Deadline was giving no room for manual work and conversion. Our fulldome video player did the heavylifting and automatically converted the video file to the fulldome format. It also was responsible for playing the video throughout the whole show. The result exceeded all expectations!


visitors in 2 days


Having crossed the threshold of the dome, viewers instantly plunged into virtual space (without special headsets or other devices). All the historic milestones since the beginning of the Boston Globe foundation were presented to about 5000 visitors in 2 days. Project could not go unnoticed by journalists: it got 20 media mentions and was featured in the MIT Hubweek review.

Domes were supplied by Freedomes. Content supplied by the Inphantry agency.