VR escape room for Kids

Arcade VR for kids

As part of their World Children’s Day, we decided to introduce our technologies to children.
As it turned out, the children, as always, taught us something new 🙂

Kid Room VR 

The concept was simple. Let’s set up the HTC Vive and invite children to test our Kid room VR game, which is – as the name suggests 🙂 – a virtual escape room for children. The kids discover all kinds of interactions in a locked room where everything can also be demolished. There was a queue of people willing to test and the fun started.

Countdown from ten

The effects were surprising. Children, unlike adults, were not intimidated by the world of VR, even if they put on glasses for the first time in their lives. They vigorously grabbed the controllers and moved – literally – forward, without looking at cables and walls. Because they had not yet lost their natural curiosity and were not afraid of failure or embarrassment, they tried out all the possibilities and variants of the game. The line grew, and the next child in line, aloud, counted down the last ten seconds of the playing toddler’s time. The children watched the progress and the points scored on the laptop screen and there was a lot of laughter.

minut zabawy na dziecka
minut oczekiwania w kolejce

Kid Room VR

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