Szczecin is the city awarded for the best building design by the World Architecture Festival, Mies van der Rohe Award and European Prize for the best public space. The city holds two hundred hectares of space of the city center and hosted the biggest architecture contest in this part of Europe. Over 240 architecture companies competed for the main prize. To promote this incredible venture, the city council required the inhabitants to take part in the design process and understand the architectural challenges in the planned space. 

The architectural vision of our contest spans across next 20-30 years in the industrial part of the city not-so-well-known to the everyday commuters. We were looking for a solution to help them visualise this large and varied space in the best way possible.

— Artur Ratuszynski, Contest Spokesperson

Pixel Legend have teamed up with the Architizer A+ laureate Freedomes to work together on the interactive projection system called Hyperdome. Their domes were part of the Ridley Scott’s Martian movie and are incredibly characteristic, always pointing on to something interesting in the local cityscape. The unit was already capable of projecting spherical film inside.

Dome was active on Lastadia Island for 3.5 months. It was visited by over 5000 guests who saved 150 scenes in the cloud. While younger guests built scenes for fun, adults argued how the industrial areas should blend with commerce, cultural and residential zones on the island. With the free Virtualist app users and city officials were able to view their scenes later at home and analyse further. Dome was also featured in numerous local, national and international media. 

Plus we have managed to score the award of the President and the City Council of Szczecin for the innovative services in the commercial category. Thank You, Szczecin! 

Special thanks to Jakub Śledziowski for his beautiful drone 3D scans of the historic architecture.

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Jan Filipowiak

Jan Filipowiak

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