Architecture contest

The architectural vision of our competition extends over the next 20-30 years in the little-known, everyday commuter, industrial part of the city. We were looking for a solution that would help them visualize this large and varied space in the best possible way.

Artur Ratuszyński, Contest spokesman Tweet


Pixel Legend has partnered with Freedomes, an Architizer A + award winner, to work together on an interactive projection system called Hyperdome. Their domes were part of Ridley Scott’s Martian movie and are incredibly distinctive, always pointing to something interesting about the local landscape. The device was already able to display spherical vision inside. We added an interactive city design table to it and put it all together.


The dome was active on the island of Lastadia for 3.5 months. It was visited by over 5,000 guests who saved 150 scenes in the cloud. While younger visitors were building scenes for fun, adults argued over how industrial areas should merge with the island’s commercial, cultural, and residential areas. With the free Virtualist app, users and city officials could later view their scenes at home and further analyze. The dome was also presented in many local, national and international media.

city versions saved by the community
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Additionally, we were able to win the award of the President and the City Council of Szczecin for innovative services in the commercial category.