Ingredient #1


We believe in people and we invest heavily in relationships. Our candidates come to us from local schools and universities where we cast nets early and help shape faculties around technologies we use. Best internees stay with us and work up the skill ladder which is incredible journey to watch. Young staff work under a watchful eye of seniors who switched from bigger competitors or matured with us. We treat our clients as friends in need and every job as our first job.

We were awarded the ‘Fair Company’ title for the best socially responsible company nurturing local environment and looking after it’s employees. Our CEO is a regular mentor at local events promoting young entrepreneurship.

Ingredient #2

Innovative technology

In 2014 we’ve developed the first prototype of AR / VR app called Pastguide capable of visualisation of the large outdoor areas with the assistance of the GPS signal. For that we’ve received the first direct innovation grant in Poland awarded by seasoned experts and entrepreneurs under the auspices of European Commission. It was followed by the Galileo Masters award for the innovative use of the GPS signal. Next we were selected by the Fiware accelerator in Helsinki and completed their track in Barcelona. Our interactive dome completed with Freedomes was featured by MIT and used by Boston Globe during the Hubweek festival in Boston. Recently our Virtualist app was selected by the TNW and ISS to take part in the ‘Future Workplace’ competition as the example of the sustainable, remote technology of the future. We don’t stop and continue to build our own products and incredible projects of our clients.