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If You don't see any immediate open positions fitting your experience know that we're always hungry and on the lookout for passionate people. If You think You can inspire and awe us with your experience or portfolio give us a shout at

Why Pixel Legend?

  • Extreme Career GrowthOur team is smaller than our progress. You will face big challenges, autonomy, responsibilities and will quickly level up your career.
  • High Impact: Work on products that are on the edge of current technologies and inspire the customers. We're a small team and your work will actually shape the product's future direction. 
  • Product Focused: We favor product over project work and we care about the steps we need to take to succeed: Tools, learning, scaling, testing, prototyping and fast deployment.

Our values

Challenge yourself

Our team is smaller than our progress. We face big challenges, autonomy, responsibilities and quickly level up our skills & careers.


Set expectations for yourself higher than the company requirements. Knowing how productive you are for the team, you strive to get better. 

Stay positive

We approach new goals with open mind. We avoid complaining and criticizing others. We honestly celebrate our achievements.



We express our thoughts clearly and honestly. We always help each other. We share our knowledge and skills early to avoid big mistakes later. 

Ask 'why'

We don't attach to ideas, let others improve them. Ask 'why' in all difficult situations. We deliver code when it's better than production. 

Listen first

We take extra steps to understand others. We listen before we answer. We rather suggest than instruct knowing that we may be wrong. 


if_7_375260 (1).png

healthcare insurance

Every team member gets healthcare insurance regardless of the chosen agreement type.


Team feedback

Every team player gets support, coaching, help and reviews of work progress. We make sure no one is left behind. 


learning budget

Every Pixel is encouraged to hone skills and learn. We pay for each book or course that will upgrade our team capability. 

if_Food-Dome_379338 (1).png

Thursday brunch

Once a month we sit and share our achievements with good food ordered from nearby joints. 

Friday Game jam

Once a month we take a break from work and spend time together with beers and crisps in virtual worlds. 


Free drinks

There's fresh supply of various teas and coffee in the kitchen. There's also water - sparkled and still. 


Healthy fruits

We know pizzas and kebaps are cool but we tend to keep the fridge stocked with healthy food too. 


Paid overtime

We avoid and hate overtime but when it happens it's paid like it should be with extra credits. 


Paid holidays

Each member get at least 21 day of paid holidays each year. Regardless of the agreement type. 


Cool devices 

Our office is rigged with latest virtual and augmented reality stuff. We have HTC Vive, Oculuses and latest mobile devices with depth sensors. And we actually work with them. 

awesome location 

We're located in the middle of the Łasztownia district. This means restaurants, beer joints, ice-cream trucks and even our own, real city beach to chill-out. 

Event trips

We're frequent guests to competitions, fairs and demo days in Poland and abroad. We take part in these adventures together. 


Live and work in the green city

Close to Berlin, Copenhagen and Prague. No traffic jams, lots of parks, 3 forests, hills, rivers, canals, marinas and no smog. 100 km to the beaches. Heaven for architecture freaks - World Architecture Award for the Best Building, Mies van der Rohe and European Prize for the best public space. Our office is located on the Lastadia Island, in the midst of the largest architecture contest in this part of Europe.