What's the ballpark figure?

We've heard this one one time too many. Games, apps and stuff we deal with are impossible to price like a sandwich. But we've developed a way around it - instead of making the so-called 'educated guess' that is nothing more than load of rubbish we prefer to find out a bit more about the project and follow few simple rules we made up. 

So here's the deal



Minimum Viable Product is what You're after. Set of features in your project that deliver the basic business goal. Everything else is just fireworks that consume budgets. So ask yourself honest question - What I need to get the business rolling? Make a list if You don't have one. 

Rule no.2 - i want change (not sure what...yet)

If you're 100% sure what features You have in your project and how much it costs that means only one thing - You've already built it. If you're not there yet then believe us - You will change your mind in the meantime - a lot. That's why we work in small 1-week or 2-week sprints and after each sprint we deliver iteration for You to test. This keeps you totally informed about the progress, price and builds trust. Instead of fixed project price you have fixed price per sprint and you control the costs. 

Feature 3

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